Gluten Free Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Likes to Eat

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

6 Gluten Free Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Likes to Eat

Are you looking for a unique, gluten free gift box to celebrate your dad on Father’s Day? If your dad is a foodie, or even just enjoys eating, then we’ve got the perfect selection of gift boxes for you. Whether he likes to cook or just has a hankering to taste something new, your dad will love these Gluten-Free Father’s Day gifts.

Gluten Free Gift Boxes Perfect for Dad

From Dad’s favorite snacks to local gourmet goodies, we have put together a selection of 6 of our favourite gift boxes for Father’s Day, all delicious and completely gluten-free! So, if you’re struggling with what to get him this year, hopefully this list of ideas will give you some inspiration – plus, it’ll also save you from the stress of last-minute shopping.

Our top six picks for Father’s Day gift boxes this year are:


Beer & Snacks Gift Box

Beer & Snacks Gift Box


This Beer & Snacks gift box makes a perfect present for the dad who loves beer and snacks but doesn’t like to choose just one – or the dad who likes to try new things and doesn’t want to settle on one thing.

The beer selection includes: an XPA & Pale Ale crafted by Two Bays Brewing Co in their dedicated gluten free brewery.

As for the snacks, there are 4 different types included: Chilli & lime Chickpea Chips, Bombay Mix, Crunchy Roasted Peanut Clusters & Habanero Chilli Natural Beef Jerky.

The perfect gift for the dad who likes to kick back and relax with a cold beer and some snacks.



The Bellissimo Gift Box

Bellissimo Gift Box


The Bellissimo gift box is the ultimate gift for the dad who loves to cook but rarely gets to – because it contains just about everything he needs, to create a simple yet sophisticated gluten free pasta dish.

This gift box contains premium fettuccine pasta, gourmet ready-made pasta sauce, plump kalamata olives, oak smoked chilli salt, truffle oil, preservative-free Australian pinot-noir wine & from Ratio Cocoa in Brunswick, Victoria, a small-batch, hand-crafted  chocolate block sprinkled with coffee to finish off.

Bringing you a taste of Italy to your home this Father’s Day, this gluten free gift box is perfect for the dad who doesn’t have much experience in the kitchen but loves to cook.



Just for Him Gift Box

Just for Him Gift Box

There are dad’s out there that do enjoy receiving socks on Father’s Day! This Just for Him gift box not only includes socks but some yummy gluten free snacks to enjoy whilst keeping his feet toasty warm.

A gift that contains a stylish pair of Australian made, bamboo socks in funky stripe colours. There’s also maple infused nuts, smooth & creamy fudge, rum & raison slice (alcohol free) and an old favourite, chocolate Irish cream humbugs.

This gift box is perfect for the dad who likes his socks and especially loves good snacks!



 Hot Chocolate Delight Gift Box

Hot Chocolate Delight Gift Box

The Hot Chocolate Delight gift box is a gift that’s all about indulging in something delicious and comforting – because it contains everything your dad needs to make a delicious mug of creamy, rich hot chocolate.

This gift box contains gourmet hot chocolate from chocolate purveyors Grounded Pleasures, fluffy marshmallows, and a grey stylish mug.  There’s also a selection of different treats from cookies to chocolate, to make his hot chocolate extra special.

A gift perfect for the dad who loves hot chocolate and loves to indulge in special drinks – such as the dad who loves coffee, the dad who likes to make his kids happy, or any other dad who likes to drink something sweet.


Chocolate All Sorts Gift Box

Chocolate All Sorts Gift Box


This Chocolate All Sorts gift box is the perfect gift for the dad who loves chocolate but doesn’t want to choose just one type – because it contains an assortment of 8 different products containing chocolate of some sort.

These products are all gluten-free, so they’re safe for those who follow a gluten-free diet – making them the perfect gift for your gluten free dad this Father’s Day.

The gift box contains an assortment of chocolate products, from freckles to pretzels. There’s also an oversized triple choc cookie, moorish coconut & dark chocolate slices & choc coated macadamias just to name a few – making this gift a very unique, special gift for any dad.



Savoury & Wine Gift Box

Savoury & Wine Gift Box


The Savoury & Wine gift box is for the dad who likes to relax and unwind – because it contains a bottle of wine and a few different savoury snacks to pair with it.

This gift box comes with a bottle of preservative free Australia red wine from The Hero & an assortment of crackers and condiments.  As well as olives, maple infused nuts and a pack of Bombay mix from Bains Wholefoods.

A wonderful gift for the dad who likes to unwind with a glass of wine – such as the sports-loving dad, the computer-loving dad, or any other dad who likes to kick back after a long day.






Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to honour our fathers, but gifting can be difficult. Particularly when it comes to food gift boxes, gluten-free dads can be hard to buy for. At You & Me Gluten Free, we ensure that all of our items taste great and are labelled Gluten Free for ease of mind. There are a variety of gift ideas on this list that are perfect for your gluten-free dad, whether he loves beer, wine, hot chocolate, or good quality snacks. You won’t go wrong with any of these great ideas or go online and check out our full range.


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